Digital Billboard Network Team

Phoenix Vision, Inc. has developed an integrated software and hardware package known as the SiteView System.

  • Video Displays in Retail Stores that feature 15-second advertisements and rich content.
  • SiteView captures demographic information while campaigns run on DBN.
  • The system provides reports to the advertiser and the retail store showing the results of the demographics of who is watching which videos at what time.

Oahu Publications Inc. (OPI) is the entity that owns the Honolulu Star Advertiser and the San Francisco Examiner.  OPI was the leading newspaper that captured the  overall concept and put in play on the island of Oahu.  The Honolulu Star Advertiser now has over 100 installed systems throughout the island and is expanding to over 500 throughout Hawaii over the next 3 years.

OPI with its strong knowledge of the Newspaper Industry has agreed to assist Phoenix Vision, Inc. communicate to the industry the profit potential and the capabilities of the SiteView System.

The Digital Billboard Network is the concept of delivering a revenue generating product to the Newspaper Industry.


What is a Digital Billboard Network

Retail Sites
The same sites that the newspaper deals with on a regular basis with daily newspaper delivery provide the first home for the Phoenix Vision SiteView System.  Add Wifi connectivity and the site can immediately begin generating revenue. Providing the site owner with 10% of all of the viewing time for its videos insures a long term interested partner without paying additional fees. Phoenix Vision will provide direct support and ongoing methodology that can be use by the newspaper to capture these sites. This is a local relationship not possible by anyone outside the local area.

Advertising is the life blood of the newspaper industry. That focus will be used by the local newspaper to sell advertising at the retail sites. As with retail site acquisition, Phoenix Vision can supplement the newspaper expertise and local knowledge by providing direct support and ongoing methodology learned from previous installations that can be use by the newspaper to capture advertisers. Our experience is that the source for much of the DBN advertising will come from local TV customers verses the traditional newspaper advertisers. Maintaining that local link between print and TV enhances the proposition to the advertisers.

Perhaps the most valuable resource available is the newspaper staff. You have an IT staff that can provide installation with Phoenix Vision support and provide on going maintenance with Phoenix Vision support. The circulation staff can assist with the retail site acquisition. The sales staff can approach and sell advertisers. The operations staff can operate the system and invoice customers. All of this can be done with minimal additional staff other than the identification a “champion”. The champion knows the most about the Phoenix Vision products, leads the installation, understands the strategies of deployment and improving advertiser performance and is integral to the overall operation.  The “champion” is the primary point of contact with Phoenix Vision.

Phoenix Vision SiteView Playbook 
The Playbook contains four important components: the overall contract for Licensing Phoenix Vision SiteView, the Phoenix Vision strategy, a section on how to acquire retail outlets including a sample agreement with the retail site, and a section on operations and how to operate the web based software, and finally a description of the reports that are generated for Newspaper, Advertiser, and Retail Management use.

Local Ownership: The Newspaper will own its own DBN
Phoenix Vision will continue to provide maintenance and support.  Without the Newspapers, Phoenix Vision could not supply the support required across the country and the world.  It is the staff of the local newspaper that provides the expertise.

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