At Phoenix Vision we respect and value the right to privacy. As a key pillar of our Core Values, we take responsibility and take pride in building a company that protects personal privacy. All of our products and services are designed to protect privacy and personal data. We have a fiduciary duty to consumers and stakeholders to uphold the responsibility of maintaining personal privacy protection. Our team is committed to living up to our core values.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Storage
    The SiteView system does not store any image or video content that could personally identify a person. We have built our platform to analyze data collected in real-time, without having to be stored on any servers. Phoenix Vision provides this service to its customers and partners in countries across the world.
  2. Anonymity
    We collect and analyze data anonymously using computer vision algorithms. We cannot, and do not personally identify individuals, at any time, period.
  3. Application
    Data collected and analyzed is being used for a variety of applications such as outdoor advertising measurement and digital signage viewership.
  4. Security
    Phoenix Vision has deployed security protocols that protect our products and services from being hacked or tampered with by 3rd parties. We encrypt our connections with some of the same technology used by banks in order to protect our information.
  5. Education
    Phoenix Vision invests resources into the education of all customers and partners that use our products and services. We provide best practices and installation guidance based on our core set of beliefs regarding consumer privacy protection and effective use of our technology.

Our commitment to protecting privacy is ingrained in our DNA . For questions on privacy and data collection, please contact for more information.