What is in Phoenix Vision SiteView?

Secure Cloud-based Content Management Software

  • The demographic capturing software is used to capture age, sex, and view time of those viewing the videos.
  • Analytical Reporting software collects information from these activities and presents them to the newspaper.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Version is the underlying operating system used at all Phoenix Sites.
  • The Site-Viewer software is used as the primary software component for the Network Operating Center (NOC).
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Demographic Capture

  • The camera captures information from people within a specific area - 15 feet.
  • An opportunity is recorded when there is not enough time to capture all of the demographics we need. Sometimes this is because of range from  camera or amount of time someone is visible.
  • A view is recorded when approximately 1 second of viewing time is recorded.
  • The dwell time is the total amount of time someone is looking at the display.
  • No real picture is captured or stored. Key metadata of an image is captured. There is not image capture or stored and not identification is involved.
  • The demographics collected are greater than we report, but the key reporting elements are sex, age, dwell, and time.  We also collect the total number of opportunities and views at that window in time.