Phoenix Vision History

From January/ February of 2017 through June 2017 Oahu Publications Inc. (OPI) of Hawaii and Chuck Cotton were formulating the concept of using intelligent digital signage as a means of creating a new source of revenue for Newspapers. The realized concept focused upon the Newspaper using its primary talents to sell advertising, attract locations to place the advertising, to install the systems into those locations, and to operate a business of serving these clients. The first attempts to find a technology partner failed in part because of the different perceptions between OPI and the technology partner and the lack of a robust system supplied by the technology partner which could support the goals of OPI.

Despite these issues OPI continued to pursue the concept of installing the system into 100 sites and by August of 2017 had installed 75 systems throughout Oahu, Hawaii.

In February of 2017 Chuck Cotton formed Phoenix Vision to act as the technology manager for the overall system. Cliff Cooke was brought on in a phased manner starting in March of 2017. By May it was clear that Phoenix Vision needed to find all new technology and the next five months were targeted towards building an integrated software package to replace the original technology vendor with enhanced demographic recognition software and an enhanced content management capability. By November the integration of these two distinct products developed by two distinct companies had reached a sustained  high level of performance.

At this time all of the OPI site systems have been upgraded to the Phoenix Vision SiteView and OPI and the Star Advertiser are well on the way to 125 installations in Hawaii targeting 225 by the end of the year.