where do we start

Where Do We Start?

Newspaper companies have LEGACY RELATIONSHIPS with all the biggest retailers in the world on a local and national level. The existing rack is the Trojan Horse!

Convert your newspaper rack into a digital billboard rack and immediately generate incremental revenue.



  • Immediately CREATE INCREMENTAL REVENUE without extra staff.
  • BUNDLE your print products in creative ways with your Digital Billboard Network.
  • Launch a DBN NEWS CAST and monetize it!
  • Create VALUABLE CONTENT for your retail partners that enhance their customer shopping experiences.
  • Deliver to your customers COMPREHENSIVE REPORTS breaking out the actual demographics of the consumers who viewed their commercials/content.
  • Site View plugs directly into your EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE.
Multiple network Revenue

What do Retailers get?

  • INCREASE store sales
  • Drive customers to specific sections of the store
  • Highlight certain store branded projects—Credit Card
  • Execute in-store/vendor contests
  • Launch your own IN-STORE NETWORK
  • Improved perceived retails store VALUE & EXPERIENCE by help producing unique content
  • Garner robust, detailed STORE TRAFFIC REPORTS
  • Gender and age demographics / Traffic Flow

NO RISK deal for retailer partners…

What do Advertisers get?

  • ADVERTISE on an innovative out-of-home / in-store network
  • A NEW WAY to target and monitor their advertising
  • Take advantage of massive FREQUENCY. Each DBN network has only 15 advertisers
  • Advertisers can CHOOSE WHERE they want their messages to be seen and heard
  • Receive DETAILED REPORTS of who actually viewed your spots. Gender and age demographics
  • Advertising on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS (DBN, Social Media)

“We are pleased that the Star-Advertiser is partnering with us on this most innovative and latest technology in digital advertising for our stores to enhance our customer's shopping experience!

However more importantly, this latest technology will provide us with critical demographic data, giving us valuable customer insight, allowing us to make better decisions!”  -Local Market Chain

What's Next?

  • GROW the Network by acquiring additional sites
  • Create multiple NETWORKS that capture Advertiser attention
  • Improve Rack Positioning based upon learning experience
  • Add large screen displays that can be seen easier at each installation
  • Utilize Advertiser an STORE TRAFFIC REPORTS to aid in placement of new Systems

"The Hawaii Tobacco Quitline likes the variety and quantity of locations along with the different audiences the digital racks reach. It provides us an opportunity for our messages to be in communities that were challenging to get visibility in before digital racks were available."- Leslie Yap, tobacco prevention and control section, state of Hawaii